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My Zelda, My Story, My Hearts

The experience of Zelda is different, but no less magical, when you can’t read.

Lost Constellation

Serious spoilers for Lost Constellation ahead. If you haven’t played, read at your own risk, or better yet, go play it and come back later. For such a small game, there’s a lot to unpack (or if you prefer puns, to unbury) in Lost Constellation. While many players are still just getting to know Mae and the rest of the…

Becoming a Survivor in The Long Dark

I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her because she’s a survivor and now, placed in my care, her time is short. Her time is short because I am not a survivor and have never thought of myself in that way. Because I am not a survivor, there is no way for me to become the character in…


While the internet would like me to believe that this industry (be it video games, be it journalism, or be it academia – take your pick) is a cut-throat place where everyone is a competitor willing to knife you in the back, VG6: Video Game Cultures & The Future of Interactive Entertainment, stands out as conference strongly fighting against such…

The Unimpeachable Optimism of Cosmochoria

I’m pretty pleased to say that an article of mine is posted up on Killscreen today. It’s outside my normal mode of research and doesn’t fit this blog necessarily, but I’m proud of it all the same. It’s called, The Unimpeachable Optimism of Cosmochoria.