Lindsey JoyceAbout Lindsey

Lindsey Joyce’s life goal is to get Hamlet on the Holodeck. Failing that, she’d love to get herself on the Holodeck. In pursuit of these lofty goals, she studies, writes, edits, and curates material in relation to interactive narrative systems.

While this (casual/unedited/stream-of-consciousness) blog is dedicated to documenting Lindsey’s ideas about and relating to the field of interactive narrative, she also has a background in education, edtech, and marketing. You can view her full resumé and credentials on Linkedin. Her teaching portfolio can be found at lindseykjoyce.com. Lindsey also maintains websites about Digital Content Design and Game Studies for her students.

Lindsey as Scholar

First and foremost, Lindsey is an academic. She is currently a faculty member at the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her research concerns interactive narrative system design and user agency.

Selected Publications:

Lindsey as Journalist

In addition to her academic work, Lindsey is also a videogame journalist. Her work can be found at KillScreenHaywire, and Five out of Ten.

Selected Publications:

Lindsey as Editor

Before becoming a full-time faculty member, Lindsey acted as the Managing Editor of Five out of Ten Magazine as well as of Haywire Magazine. She was also a copy-editor for Realpage software.

Lindsey as Curator

Lindsey had the privilege of serving as a curator for Critical-Distance. During her time at Critical-Distance, Lindsey contributed to “This Week in Videogame Blogging,” was co-chair for “Blogs of the Round Table,” and founded the “This Month in Let’ Plays” column.

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