“Let’s Play Finnegans Wake” – Ferguson

In “Let’s Play Finnegans Wake,” Andrew Ferguson suggests that the inherent playfulness of James Joyce’s literary work Finnegans Wake lends itself to interactivity and to play. He states, “It is less a book to be read than it is to be played.” He goes on to show that reader interactions with the text are not dissimilar to those of Let’s Plays. Just as the reading of Finnegans Wake has often been collaborative, with groups of people working together to understand the text, Ferguson argues that Let’s Plays are also collaborative spaces: “the form is collective and collaborative; even if only one player is playing the game in question, still she is playing it for an audience of some size, and beyond that for the entire group of gamers with an interest in that game.” Ferguson thus alludes to the discourse that naturally happens in and around Let’s Plays; they are active conversation pieces between player and game and between player and audience. This duality of collaboration alone makes them interesting as publishing platforms.

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